Thomas Mulder our Founder and CEO was  born and raised in Southern Humboldt. He  grew up just a mile line of site from our main farm on the same mountain road. He used to run all over the mountainside as a kid enjoying nature, learning the local microclimate and helping  in the vegetable garden with his hands in the dirt . Although he moved off the hill when he was 12 he always searched for property to buy on the same mountain.
He learned a hard lesson about this industry as a teenager. After spending a whole summer foraging native soils and hiking supplies for miles CAMP came in and chopped the whole crop days before harvest. Leaving nothing for the whole summer of work feeling defeated at the time, as he was raising himself. He joined the construction trades and commuted to the Bay Area and back working for his uncle. That paid the bills but he never gave up on his dreams. He got his own  contractors license in 2006 and based out of Humboldt.

 When presented the opportunity in 2009 he purchased the underdeveloped property we are located on. Working hard he permitted a greenhouse, house, shop, wells and a septic. He cultivated and bred plants for personal use and as a hobby while still running his construction business.

 In 2015 he realized the laws were looking to change and took a leap and formed HRH as a non profit (now a General stock corporation). Turning his hobby now into his career.  Many people were skeptic of this leap of faith but change doesn’t come easy. He has seen the cannabis world change from the days of hiding from helicopters , running from camp cops and not talking about the “industry” to openly advertising and discussing it. He has been held at gunpoint by cops during a raid that only found under an ounce of cannabis.  He openly pushes back on the government over rules and regulations advocating for positive change . Its been a wild ride from there to here but he embraces the change.

 He enjoys not having to hide anything about the industry from his two children, friends and family. He is very active in the local community and has volunteered in many capacities.